Are there any reputable companies that build homes, including tiny homes, that you feel are safe for individuals with chemical sensitivity, MCAS, mold illness etc? Are there homes that are totally safe, or is it just about picking our battles?

Ultimately, it really is about picking your battles. It’s a matter of finding someone or a company that makes you feel safe and heard. Every builder emphasizes different aspects of health, so aligning with someone who understands and supports your specific needs is crucial. Again, this is why I created my company. You will certainly find companies that can and will build with one or two, maybe three facets of a healthy home. But, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other company that will look at the home holistically and capture every facet of what it truly means to build a healthy home. For instance, they may understand EMF’s, non-toxic furniture and water filtration, but they miss the actual land and environment or the ventilation and air exchange. They may use non-toxic flooring but use toxic glue and adhesives. So it becomes a matter of prioritizing the most important factors for YOU. Also, we can partner with your conventional builder, contractor and/or architect, to guide and advise them.