Whether buying or renting a house or apartment with a lease, we can’t necessarily account for the unsafe additions and practices of existing and future neighbors; short of moving to an eco-village with a manifesto everyone signs, what protective measures can someone pouring money into all these natural building strategies do to protect those wild card factors of current and future neighbors?

Ahh, the neighbors. We can’t control other people, can we? No. But we can control our own homes and our own environments. That’s why I create homes that protect you from the outside environment. We control your building envelope. So if someone opts to put a 5G tower on their roof, we build your home to protect you from the cellular frequencies. If someone is using Spring Fresh dryer sheets and the whole neighborhood reeks of fragrance, no worries, we build a fool proof internal air filtration system. We build homes to protect you from toxic exposures at every level. We worry, so you don’t have to!