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SENERGY360 provides a safe, robust compressive electrical package. We contemplate all aspects of electrical including lighting, types of wiring, low voltage telecommunication wiring, protective cable, and shielding. The smart approach is reducing unwanted EMFs and minimizing wireless components. SENERGY360 is committed to mitigating EMF (electro-magnetic force) and potentially harmful 5G high wavelength radio waves.

Specifically engineered coatings are used on surfaces to reduce EMF emitting from electrical wiring secured in walls and ceilings in addition to electrical filters to block dirty electricity.

Low voltage wiring is routed through the structures to help eliminate the need for wireless technologies. Advanced window coating technologies are used to shield those areas from EMFs and 5G penetration.

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Circadian Lighting technologies

SENERGY360 uses a circadian lighting technology that mimics your natural sleep/wake cycles. All lighting is highly advanced technology using non-flicker lights that carry the proper wavelengths to help support mitochondrial function and sleep. Circadian lighting is very important to our unique circadian rhythms for energy and sleep. Timing and frequencies of lighting are programmed depending on the time of day. Photoreceptors in our eyes pick up light frequencies that affect hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.

It is important to match these frequencies during the circadian rhythm to help energize the human body during the day and aid sleep. The amount of circadian lighting is determined in the design phase. All lights are grounded, shielded, and tied into low EMF variable dimming for optimal light and timing frequencies. Another important factor is the flicker rate of light. The sun does not flicker.

Electrical lighting does, however, and it has been clinically proven that its high flicker rate can add stress to the nervous system. New technologies are being used with LED light systems to reduce this flicker rate.



Audio/visual technologies

AV systems are hard-wired with Ethernet port access to each room for internet and computing access. Special monitors to reduce blue light are hard-wired for non-EMF/RF signaling. We recommend Cat 6 cables for perimeter security cameras, Ring camera doorbells, and OLED monitors to reduce blue light and flicker. 

We also recommend a dedicated IT room with a computer that can be accessed throughout the entire home. All Ethernet cables can be wired for internet access. Each monitor would have an Ethernet docking station with access to the mainframe computer for networking or use with a DVR/cable box. Internet provider cable would need to be routed into IT room. A wireless router can be installed for wireless capabilities. 




SENERGY360 looks closely at roofing applications and materials. The roof system is value-engineered in the design phase to meet the architectural designs. From the design phase, sealed roofing systems are crucial. Materials are sourced to meet energy efficiency ratings. We source little to no VOC applications.

Mold-free, formaldehyde-free applications like lambswool, rock wool, or spray foam are used for under-roof applications to meet energy efficiency ratings required by local codes.

The roofing systems have reflective heat values reducing heat and protecting colder temperatures in the open space above the ceiling, reducing energy consumption for the heating and air system. We use the best methods for sealing the building envelope. Everything is inspected to ensure a sealed, watertight, and fire-proof building.

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Soundproofing/ Insulation

SENERGY360 recommends materials like natural lambswool, which is non-toxic, zero VOC, mold-resistant, fiberglass and formaldehyde-free material for interior soundproofing.

Wool is a non-moisture-wicking material that helps stabilize the air, keeping the inside of walls mildew and mold-free: its protein-based lanolin makes it naturally resistant to mold. It has a high R-value, is 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and helps mitigate airborne pollutants.

It also carries a class A fire rating. Other options include mineral rock wool, which has similar characteristics and can be a great alternative.





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