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Mold inhibiting wallboard

SENERGY360 recommends MGO board to help prevent mold growth in walls. It is a specially engineered wallboard that is fire, insect, mildew, mold, and water resistant; it is also lighter and stronger than typical drywall.

It is free from VOCs, non-toxic, non-allergenic, it absorbs CO2, has zero carbon footprint and is manufactured in the USA. This special wallboard is used on all wall, ceiling, and bathroom room surfaces.

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Water treatment

A variety of water filtration techniques are employed, including reverse osmosis and UV with multi-stage filters. Water leak-detection shutoff valves are installed to minimize any potential flood hazards. SENERGY360 helps clients research the source of the water supply, identifying bacteria and heavy metals.

Multi-stage filtration with UV treatment systems can be added to kill pathogens and bacteria for safe water consumption. Reverse Osmosis systems are great solutions added in key locations such as kitchens and office areas. Other systems are available based on your preferences for mitigating water hardness.


Modular cabinet systems

All SENERGY360 materials are carefully sourced. Materials used are high-quality products that have structural integrity and zero off-gassing. Sourced products include materials made from 100% recycled products and ensure minimal waste of lumber. Ultra-low VOC finishes are used without compromising the finish quality. 

Sources include CARB (California Air Resources Board), NAF (No Added Formaldehyde), and ULEF (Ultra-low emitting formaldehyde) for all modular designs.




SENERGY360 sources and uses non-VOC coatings and paints that exceed low emission standards. Innovative additives contain agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the paint film. Other zero-VOC formulas help improve indoor air quality by reducing VOC levels from sources such as fixtures, furniture, cabinets, and fabrics. 

These types of paint and additives also help the air in tight spaces stay neutral and have odor-eliminating technology that breaks down unwanted household odors. In addition, additives are mixed into primers to reduce mold from growing on the wood surfaces encapsulating framing materials to help reduce mold growth behind the protected, mold-free wallboard. All paints have anti-microbial additives and are non-VOC.


SENERGY360 Harmonized finishes- These sacred geometry techniques finalize the home’s energy flow and tie in all the final finishes such as stone, tile, wall fixtures, light fixtures, and others throughout the home to create an energetic healing space. They also help reduce any additional EMFs. 



The Certification

Our team will help coordinate with the client and (GC) for a final inspection of the construction process. SENERGY360 will provide a certified checklist with a seal showing all materials meet the criteria. 

This includes checking overall invoices for materials purchased to confirm that all SENERGY360 materials we used are properly installed, taking mold samples, measurements of EMF/RF fields, measuring lighting wavelengths/flicker %, air quality test, and water quality test. 

Once all criteria are met, we will provide an official SENERGY360 stamped seal of approval letter of certification.





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