Brian Johnson is the founder and CEO of Senergy360, dedicated to creating new standards of modern living by designing and building holistic homes of the future, today.  



Brian Johnson is a Building Biologist accredited by the Building Biology Institute with over 20 years of experience as a General Contractor. Brian has a lifelong passion for health, athletic performance, and wellness. He is highly accomplished in the top Ironman and Xterra events, making the top 1% classification as an All-World Athlete. He has also coached athletes using science-based techniques to achieve high-level results. Brian is now on a mission to provide access (and the know-how) to the PROVEN Cutting-Edge Technologies & Systems for building holistic living structures. 

In 2020, he built and designed the world’s first Optimized Living Home in Tucson, Arizona. It is a model home that applies the best and newest science to create optimized living environments, and it serves as an educational model for other builders to adopt more sustainable solutions for their clients.

Tours are available by request. The home features the latest solutions in every aspect of the living environment to support optimal health and living. This one-of-a-kind home is equipped with cutting-edge systems and solutions for circadian lighting, EMF protection, 5G shielding, water purification, air quality, and mold-resistant materials. Every aspect of the home was sourced with the best quality, safest, and cleanest materials available. 

Brian is committed to seeing Holistic Homes become the new standard in building the future.

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site assessments

Site assessments and evaluations are a great way to get any project started. In addition, we offer services bringing our knowledge and resources to our clients, providing a deeper insight by reviewing the scope of work from a Building Biologist’s perspective.

Starting with the project site, from top to bottom, we look for any potential short or long-term issues that may compromise the structure and lead to premature failures that may have adverse health effects on the client.

We offer on-site assessments and evaluations for healthy home solutions. In addition, we provide off-site evaluations with live video or call options. Assessments and evaluations typically take 4-6 hours, depending on the complexities and involvement of the project.

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