First Consult

We will help outline the scope and what we offer, and how it fits the scope of work, budget, and character of the project. We will break down our fee, which includes an hourly scope outline. An initial outline and description of the work will include an organized, detailed scope of options for the project.

The Next STep

After the first consultation, we schedule a series of meetings to review and discuss size, drawings, and proposed design solutions, working together to arrive at a clearly defined concept, materials, and schedule.

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Our Office

SENERGY360 Consults

On the Methodology, Specifications, and Certifications

Taking the client through the process explaining all the options for health and longevity goals.
Providing services working with architects and contractors explaining all concepts and materials required to meet the client’s expectations.
Water sourcing analysis and water purification systems, such as UV, micron size, isolated, reverse osmosis systems, structured water options.
Options of construction options using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) or other clean framing methods and options of modular prefabricated building methods.
Educate and source mold-free wood for framing and mold mitigation for interior framing.
Types of concrete foundations identifying potential EMFs coming up the ground in high populated areas and what options to take.
Circadian lighting applications. Selecting proper lighting and sourcing the safest lighting systems. Sourcing proper wavelengths for day and night time applications included sourcing low flicker LED light.
EMF resistant electrical coatings, lower EMF wiring options, proper EMF house filter locations and testing, 5G metallic window film, proper placement of electrical panels, outlets, solar panel protection and application of low voltage hard wired internet, audio/visual components.
How we can work and partner with Architects and builders.
Plumbing for safe consumption and options for leak prevention.
Interior wall insulation that is Hypoallergenic, Mold resistant, Non-fiberglass, non- VOC’s.
Climate control systems with UV/Ozone air filtration and other integrated air purification systems and clean air exchange.
Mold-resistant wallboard for interior walls. The non-drywall approach.
Paints that are low VOC that contain anti-microbial mold-resistant additives.
Building awareness about low VOC cabinetry and furnishings that are manufactured with chemicals.
Harmonized finishes inside the interior spaces, as well as EMF fields inside and outside and removing toxic earth lines inside the building.

Final Step

We will Collaborate with clients, architects, builders providing the necessary materials that will become an integral part of the building methods. At this time, we will interview subs for their willingness and understanding of SENERGY360 methodologies and specification enhancements.

We see our involvement through the entirety of the building phase ensuring all specified materials are being used and installed correctly.

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