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The Process

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The Construction Process

The harmonized architectural design process implements each design’s economy of movement and motion, adding an energetic component to the home. The land is methodically reviewed for optimal placement of the home, creating a balance that flows in nature and perfectly conforms to the area. We call this Bio-Harmonization, which helps align the earth’s energy flow and captures all the surrounding beauty of what life has to offer.
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SENERGY360 HOMES™ foundations and concrete slabs that are poured, placed, and finished with high standards. Depending on the areas, we offer post-tensioning foundations or mono-placed slabs using steel reinforcement to minimize cracking. With a beautiful finished concrete slab, we utilize the EMF-protected concrete as part of our flooring, cutting out manufacturing, making an eco-friendly green floor system. Concrete floors can be polished to non-slip and chemical resistance using products that have zero VOCs, so no petroleum products are used. Optional is additional harmonized flooring to reduce EMF coming through the earth and into the home. Additives or barriers can be used in both to mitigate additional EMFs from the ground. SENERGY360 HOMES™ can resource harmonized floor patterns with stone and tiles as an option.


The Exterior of the Home

SENERGY360 HOMES™ recommends and offers several methods, from a robust concrete wall built to a prefabricated home that can be shipped almost anywhere. Specialized concrete walls are known as ICF (insulated concrete forms). ICF construction is one of the most innovative ways to build using a naturally abundant resource. This is what lead SENERGY360 HOMES™ to ICF construction. It has been around for over 40 years. SENERGY360 HOMES™ are using ICF with a new twist, using special additives which increase strength and mitigate EMF/RF. ICF construction has many other advantages: they are highly energy-efficient, 250 MPH wind-resistant, termite resistant, seismic superior, fire-resistant, EMF/RF resistant, mold-resistant, flood-resistant, and literally bulletproof. There are many reasons to use ICF, and it is SENERGY360 HOMES™’s first choice in building an environmentally safe home. SENERGY360 HOMES™ ICF homes are one of the tightest sealed homes, protecting from all outside elements. They create their own ecosystem by using advanced air purification systems that recirculate, ionize, and purify the air you breathe. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and metal systems are all offered as options.
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Framing/Mold Inspection

SENERGY360 HOMES™ certifies and inspects the materials for any potential harmful mold. All precautions are necessary when it comes to interior framing. The use of lumber is one of the easiest ways to build interior walls; however, there is often an epidemic of mold growth on the surface of lumber. This happens in numerous ways, mainly from exposure to outside elements such as rain, moisture, transport, and storage. There is no way of knowing what type of mold the lumber harbors. It is important that it is tested, cleaned, and sealed to prevent future growth before it is installed. SENERGY360 HOMES™ assures that the lumber has been tested and treated before installation. Two other options for interior wall framing include steel framing or laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Steel or metal studs can have some disadvantages, for example, sound transmission can easily warp and twist wallboard, potentially creating cracks. It can also be challenging to fasten modular wall systems like cabinetry or other wall hanging hardware. The other option, laminate veneer lumber (LVL), is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It is typically used for headers, beams, rim boards, and edge-forming material. Due to its composite nature, it is much less likely than conventional lumber to warp, twist, bow, or shrink. We recommend that all the interior wood surfaces are treated for the potential of mold exposure from water leaks.



SENERGY360 HOMES™ researches and finds the optimal way to route plumbing and all aspects of the materials used, such as copper and other plumbing materials. SENERGY360 HOMES™ research finds optimal benefits to routing a high-performance pecks and the options of routing underground versus overhead for future leak prevention, water acclimation as the ground temps are more stable versus overhead in an open space. The benefits of installing leak detection valves and sensors at the water source coming into the home. If a leak occurs, water can penetrate adjacent surfaces. In as little time as 24 hrs, mold can develop. Leak detection systems help prevent any flooding in the home from broken pipes. Uses of geothermal or high-efficiency envelope of the home, and powerful high efficiency tankless hot water heaters with recirculating pumps are used for less energy waste and endless hot water.


Climate/Air Quality Control

SENERGY360 HOMES™ considers heating and air systems the lungs of a SENERGY360 HOMES™ home. Advanced air purification filtration and high energy-efficient heating and air systems are custom designed to maximize efficiency, low decibel sound ratings, and clean air quality. The systems are strategically located. The clean air flows through a high-energy and efficacy electric variable speed induction fan, moving into a titanium filter coupled with an ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) air purification generator. The air travels through clean air ducts that supply filtered air into each room of the house, creating a quiet and calm recirculating airflow. Streamlined diffusers and registers are used to deliver a flow of clean, purified air. We source HVAC systems that use UV lighting and special filters to remove all VOCs and kill airborne pathogens.




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