Difference between indoor environmental professionals (industrial hygienist, building biologist, etc) – when do people ask for which type?

Environmental Specialist:

  • A broad scope focus, often dealing with both outdoor and indoor environmental issues.
  • Equipped to use various testing methods for indoor health related issues like mold and bacteria and understands how to interpret the results.
  • Extensive proficiency in overseeing and evaluating environmental impact, pollution control, and sustainable practices.
  • Uses scientific and regulatory knowledge to ensure environmental compliance in various settings, including industrial, commercial, and sometimes residential.
  • Employs a variety of instruments and methodologies to measure environmental pollutants, manage waste, and assess ecological impact.
  • Practices up to date regulations working primarily within environmental laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and promoting sustainability.

Building Biologist:

  • Focuses specifically on indoor living spaces, including homes and workplaces including understanding external environmental factors. 
  • Emphasizes the holistic relationship between the built environment and human health.
  • Uses emphasis focusing on natural, non-toxic building materials and practices, and addresses factors like air and water quality, electromagnetic fields, and overall building health.
  • Uses even a more broad field of instruments to assess electromagnetic radiation, mold, and other indoor environmental factors affecting health.
  • Adheres to principles of sustainable, eco-friendly, and health-supportive building practices. Using nature as the gold standard. 

While Environmental Specialists deal with a broader range of environmental issues and are often more involved in regulatory compliance and outdoor environmental concerns, Building Biologists focus on creating healthier indoor environments through natural, non-toxic, and sustainable practices. As a Building Biologist with a unique background as a General Contractor, I specialize in creating healthier living spaces—a distinctive approach that is gaining traction in both residential and commercial construction.