Building healthier futures, one home at a time

Our Mission

Building healthier futures, one home at a time—that's the cornerstone of our ethos at SENERGY360. We are dedicated to pioneering sustainable building practices that respect the environment and cater to the unique needs of individuals seeking a harmonious, health-focused living space. With SENERGY360, you're not just building a house; you're creating a sanctuary that nurtures life in every corner.

Our mission is steadfast: to revolutionize the construction industry
by integrating principles of Building Biology into every project, ensuring that each
structure not only stands the test of time but also promotes the well-being of its inhabitants.
Our Founder

Brian Johnson is the Founder and CEO of SENERGY360, dedicated to creating
new standards of modern living by
designing and building the world’s healthiest living environments.

As an accredited General Contractor, Home Builder, and Building Biologist recognized by the Building Biology Institute, Brian Johnson boasts over 20 years of extensive building experience. With a lifelong passion for health, athletic performance, and wellness, Brian has achieved the elite classification of a top 1% All-World Athlete, competing in numerous Ironman and Xterra world championships. Drawing on his expertise, he has coached fellow athletes, employing science-based techniques to achieve exceptional results at an elite level. Brian is currently on a mission to share access and knowledge about proven cutting-edge technologies and systems for constructing pioneering and wellness-focused living spaces.

In 2020, Brian built and designed the world’s first Optimized Living Home in Tucson, Arizona. This innovative model home integrates state of the art scientific advancements to create an optimized living environment. As a showcase home, it offers a blueprint for other builders to embrace more sustainable solutions for their clientele.

The home models the latest solutions in every aspect of the living environment to promote optimal health and well-being. This one-of-a-kind home is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and solutions for circadian lighting, EMF protection, 5G shielding, water purification, air quality, non-toxic and mold-resistant materials. Every element of the home has been sourced with the highest quality, most efficient, and cleanest materials available.

Brian is committed to seeing Holistic Homes become the new standard in building the future.

General Contracting

With licenses in Arizona and California, SENERGY360 delivers excellence in general contracting. We manage every aspect of construction with precision, ensuring that each project exceeds client expectations and industry standards.

General Contracting
Healthy Home Project Management

Our project management services are a testament to our commitment to seamless execution and delivery. We provide expert guidance throughout the lifecycle of construction projects, from inception to completion.

Project Management
Healthy Home Concierge Consulting

Whether you're seeking advice on specific aspects of your project, need assistance in decision-making, or want personalized insights, this consulting arrangement allows you to engage with our team on an hourly basis.

With this service, you can schedule consultation hours as needed throughout the duration of your project.

Concierge Consulting