Is a healthy home the same as a green home?

The term “green” is often misused and deceptive. Greenwashing is where opportunistic companies label products as “green” without genuine consideration for health and environmental impact. In my opinion a truly green home is built from minimally processed building materials using natural materials where possible. It is important to recognize and understand where the materials come from, how they are made, and what chemicals they contain. Building a low carbon footprint is also referred to as “green” and though it might reduce the impact of fossil fuels, it doesn’t mean the end result is non-toxic. Sustainability can go both ways. It’s like preservatives and food. While plastics and chemicals can persist for generations without decomposing, the short-term off-gassing issues pose a toxic threat to our health. Achieving a balance involves utilizing materials and designs that create a non-toxic home capable of enduring multiple generations. Our preference lies in choosing products and building systems derived from the earth and subjected to minimal processing.