Environmental Indoor Air Quality and Mold Assessment

Environmental Indoor Air Quality and Mold Assessment

This is a stand alone comprehensive assessment inspecting the air quality and mold both within the living space and the outdoor environment. It Includes inspection of building systems such as the building mechanics including all mechanical systems such as ventilation and climate control systems. We inspect for condensation build up, potential leaks from the structure and plumbing systems that could contribute to mold growth. This inspection is a specific as a stand alone assessment that helps determine safe levels of indoor air quality and mold exposure in the home.

This inspection includes: 

  • Visual inspections of building design and mechanics

  • Testing for Formaldehyde

  • Comprehensive analysis of TVOC and TMVOC

  • Radon

  • Air particulate counts PM 0.3-PM10

  • CO and CO2

  • Mold sampling options include surface, air cassette and dust sampling for in-
    depth analysis using QPCR/DNA sequencing

Based upon test results, a plan for mitigation is offered at a rate of $150/hr. This does not include lab or shipping fees. This assessment will be performed as a one time mobilization. Assessments may require a minimum of two (2) night hotel
accommodations. Please review travel policy.

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