General Contracting Services

SENERGY360 is a general contracting firm revolutionizing the construction industry by offering comprehensive services focused on designing and building the safest and healthiest homes. Our expertise lies in creating new builds as well as upgrading existing living environments.

SENERGY360 leverages over 20 years of expertise in general building contracting, integrating proven cutting-edge technologies and designs to optimize health in every living space.

We oversee every detail as your General Contractor, prioritizing your health and well-being throughout the process.

  • Performing as the General Contractor for the entire scope of the project 
  • Exclusive collaboration with Architect for design materials research and recommendations of building materials for all stages of construction
  • Reviewing and assessing existing architectural plans
  • Collaboration with SIREWALL, our partnered Rammed Earth builder; if applicable   
  • Sourcing approved materials
  • Applying Building Biology principles
  • Building performance review for all mechanical systems 
  • Collaboration with Architects, Designers, Engineers and local building departments
  • Interview and train all trades hired by SENERGY360 on all healthy build systems
  • Overview and implementation of approved materials
  • Onsite project management 
  • Plumbing recommendations and design including water filtration systems 
  • Electrical plans for NEC compliance and reduction of EMF
  • Review Low Voltage design for hardware solutions 
  • Considerations on Circadian lighting systems and design 
  • Reviewing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ventilation systems
  • IAQ assessment and sampling as requested by Client, if applicable
  • Directing the use and storage of cleaning products and job site cleanliness
  • Performing environmental on-site field measurements
  • Timing of material and delivery
  • Overseeing timeline and deadlines to ensure timely progress  
  • Answer RFIs (Requests for Information) from the Client, Contractor and subcontractors throughout the course of the project and keep the client informed of any necessary changes that may affect timelines or budget
  • Review pricing/contracts with subcontractors

Healthy Home Certification Process

Upon completion of construction, at the Client’s request, SENERGY360 will conduct a thorough review, measurement, and sample collection to ensure all systems align with the certification guidelines. Once the home passes inspection, we will issue a Healthy Home Certification and provide an Owner’s Manual.

  • SENERGY360 will inspect and certify that the work meets SENERGY360 Healthy Home standards. 
  • Building systems to be inspected for quality of installation and long-term service to the home. Some inspections may be completed remotely by video.
  • Certification process starts prior to sheathing interior walls to observe all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, framing details, flashings, and door and window installation. 
  • Certification upon project completion encompasses inspections of both exterior and interior living spaces, along with the commissioning of the home, using field measuring equipment.
  • All test and lab fees to be paid by Client.

SENERGY360 Customized Homeowner’s Manual

A customized Owner’s Manual will support and ensure a lifelong healthy home, fostering an environment that supports vitality and well-being.

Item examples included in manual:

  • How to properly operate any system installed
  • Schedule for routine servicing of equipment
  • Types of services provided per system
  • Suggested protocols for cleaning and maintaining entire living space


We look forward to hearing from you. From our team to your home, we support you.

SENERGY360 looks forward to bringing your healthy home vision to life.
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