Healthy Home Assessment Consulting

Upon completion of an assessment, we offer hourly consulting.

With this service, you can schedule consultation hours as needed throughout the duration of your project.

After completing an assessment, we extend our services to include hourly consulting sessions. This offering enables you to schedule consultations as required throughout your project's duration. Whether you need intermittent support, have specific questions, or seek guidance on various phases, this approach ensures continuous access to our expertise. It allows you to navigate challenges and make informed decisions with confidence, facilitating the smooth progression of your project.

Project Consulting

SENERGY360 provides our client with meticulous and seamless healthy home creation, management and consulting. We provide both onsite and offsite project guidance, leveraging decades of research and expertise in health-focused building materials and protocols. Our comprehensive service guides clients through the entire construction process, starting with the initial design phase and culminating in our exclusive Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations (HPMR) document.

This proprietary HPMR document is custom created for each client and project. We assist in the facilitation of the HPMR as part of our project management and certification services outlined in this agreement. Leveraging our unmatched Building Biology expertise, our services encompass:

  • The review of building plans
  • Oversight of the project from start to finish
  • Onsite assessments
  • The scheduling and confirmation of material and availability
  • Remote, over the phone consulting
  • Recommendations on building system components and green building materials
  • Guidance on all SENERGY360 methods and specifications for healthy building 

Each project is unique and we create a customized budget based upon the specific services required.


Services Performed

Unless noted otherwise, the services listed in this Agreement are to be provided by SENERGY360. The services available for the course of the project include but are not limited to:

  • Material research and recommendations for construction at all stages
  • Reviewing and assessing existing architectural plans, if applicable
  • Sourcing approved materials as needed
  • Applying proven Building Biology principles
  • Existing building performance review, if applicable
  • Collaboration with Architects, Designers and Contractors
  • Interviewing and training the involved trades 
  • Assistance and oversight in implementing approved materials
  • Onsite project support, as requested by client
  • Plumbing recommendations and design 
  • Electrical plans for NEC compliance and the reduction of Electromagnetic Radiation exposures
  • Low EMR circadian LED lighting system plans
  • Review strategies for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ventilation systems
  • IAQ assessment and sampling as requested by Client, if applicable
  • Guidance on use and storage of cleaning products and job site cleanliness
  • On-site field measurements


Optional Healthy Home Certification Process:

Upon completion of construction, at the Client’s request, SENERGY360 will review, measure, and collect samples necessary to ensure all systems meet the certification guidelines and if they do, we will issue a Healthy Home Certification.

  • SENERGY360 will inspect and certify that the work meets our Healthy Home standards
  • We assess building systems for quality of installation and long-term service to the home 
  • The certification process starts prior to sheathing interior walls to observe all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, framing details, flashings, and door and window installation
  • Upon completion of the project, certification includes inspections of both exterior and interior living spaces, as well as commissioning the home using field measuring equipment
  • Certification process requires site visits and travel days


Customized SENERGY360 Homeowners Manual  

SENERGY360 will provide a customized Owner's Manual to ensure a lifelong Healthy Home, nurturing a flourishing and vibrant living space.

Item examples included in manual:

  • How to properly operate any system installed
  • Schedule of routine servicing of equipment
  • Types of services required for mechanical systems
  • Suggested protocols for cleaning and maintaining entire living space

We look forward to hearing from you. From our team to your home, we support you.

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