Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations (HPMR) Project Management

Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations (HPMR)
Project Management

An Industry-Leading Service from SENERGY360, LLC

This comprehensive service sets your construction project on the right path, whether for new construction or remodeling. Our exclusive Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations (HPMR) document provides specifications customized to your project based upon proven health-based research. We offer recommendations on building methods and non-toxic, sustainable, green building materials. Our expertise utilizes in-depth building biology practices and protocols for a healthy building environment. The HPMR is specific to each project and considered the final construction document, ready for bid.

Project management HPMR Implementation including
Healthy Home Certification

We offer this service to facilitate the implementation and management of the HPMR
document. This service is instrumental in securing our SENERGY360 certification for your project. Upon delivery of the HPMR, we will guide the client through every stage of the project. This service covers building plan review, project oversight from inception to completion. We will conduct onsite assessments, manage scheduling, confirm material availability, and provide remote over-the-phone consulting.

Our HPMR Services include:

  • Providing support for sourcing and timing of material delivery
  • Consulting on timeline and deadlines to ensure timely progress
  • Answering Requests for Information (RFIs) from the client, contractor and
    subcontractors throughout the course of the project and keeping the Client informed of any necessary changes that may affect timelines or budget
  • Reviewing pricing/contracts with subcontractors
  • Exclusive collaboration with preferred Architects
  • Materials research and recommendations of building materials and products for all stages of construction
  • Reviewing and assessing existing architectural plans, if applicable
  • Sourcing approved materials as needed
  • Applying proven Building Biology principles
  • Existing building performance review, if applicable
  • Collaboration with Architects, Designers and Contractors
  • Interviewing and training trades involved
  • Guidance and supervision of the implementation of approved materials
  • Onsite project support, as requested by Client
  • Plumbing recommendations and design
  • Electrical plans for NEC compliance and reduction of Electromagnetic Radiation exposures
  • Low EMR circadian LED lighting system plans
  • Reviewing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ventilation systems
  • Existing IAQ assessment and sampling as requested by Client, if applicable
  • Guidance on use and storage of cleaning products and job site cleanliness
  • On-site field measurements

    Site visits upon request of Client. Visits will vary depending on phases of construction and scope of work that require inspection for certification.

Our Exclusive SENERGY360 Certification Program:

As part of our HPMR Project Implementation, out SENERGY360 Healthy Home Certification is a comprehensive program designed to ensure that your home meets the highest standards of health and safety. Our certification process requires project management throughout the entire project and involves a detailed review and analysis of your home’s construction processes and materials, from start to finish, using the latest diagnostic tools and techniques.

The Certification Process:

1. Pre-Construction Consultation

  • Scope Review: SENERGY360 begins by reviewing the entire scope of your project ensuring an optimized environment.
  • Material Specifications: We’ll guide you in selecting materials that meet our healthy home criteria, promoting a healthy living environment

2. Construction Phase Monitoring

  • Site visits begin in pre-construction phase meetings with owners and contractors, getting familiarized with the environment and conducting site assessments.
  • Ongoing Oversight: Our team oversees each phase of construction, ensuring adherence to our healthy home standards
  • In-Depth Inspections: Prior to interior wall sheathing, we conduct thorough inspections to assess electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural framing, flashing, and door/window installations for compliance.

3. Post-Construction Analysis

  • Detailed Assessment: Upon construction completion, we perform an in-depth analysis of your home’s systems, including air quality, water systems, and structural integrity, using advanced diagnostic equipment.
  • Sample Collection: Necessary samples are collected and analyzed to confirm that all aspects of your home meet our certification guidelines.

4. Certification Deliverables

  • Healthy Home Checklist: A detailed checklist with our certification seal, verifying that all materials and installations meet our specified criteria.
  • Owner’s Manual: A comprehensive guide providing insights into your home’s healthy features, maintenance tips, and best practices for a sustainable living environment.
  • Certification Plaque: Upon meeting all guidelines, your home will be awarded the SENERGY360 Healthy Home Certification, symbolizing commitment to health and sustainability.

5. Final Inspection and Commissioning

  • The certification concludes with a final inspection, covering both exterior and interior aspects of your home. This includes a complete commissioning process to ensure that all systems are functioning at their optimal performance for long-term service and comfort.

Why Choose SENERGY360 Certification?

Choosing SENERGY360 Certification for your home project ensures not only a healthier living environment but also peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your home’s construction has been scrutinized for quality, sustainability, and long-term performance. Let us help you make your home a sanctuary.

The SENERGY360 certification comes complete with a customized Homeowners’ Manual specific to the HPMR.

SENERGY360 will provide a customized Homeowner's Manual to help maintain a clean, safe, healthy home that supports our client’s health, providing generations of optimal and vibrant living space.

What is included in the manual:

  • How to care for the home
  • Itemized routine inspections
  • Warranty guidelines
  • How to properly operate any installed system
  • Contact information for all systems and technology
  • Schedule of routine servicing of mechanical equipment
  • Explaining the types of services required for the home
  • Recommended non-toxic cleaning and pest control protocols

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