SENERGY360 Certification

SENERGY360: “Sanctuary Living” Building Healthy, Sustainable Homes for Optimized Living

SENERGY360 offers our homes an exclusive Healthy Protocol Material Recommendations (HPMR) and Healthy Home Certification program. We are bringing innovative approaches to healthy lifestyle living by introducing new construction specifications and methods to our community. We’re redefining the home building industry by value-engineering healthy, functional, and sustainable solutions.

Features of Our Healthy Homes:

  • Sustainable Green Building Practices
  • EMF-Free Building Design
  • Breathable and Moisture-Resistant Building Materials ror a mold-free environment
  • Advanced Structured Water Filtration Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Low Voltage Circadian Lighting Systems
  • Advanced Climate and Ventilation Systems
  • Engineered Ventilation reducing potential mold commonly found with poor ventilation
  • Selection of Non-Toxic, Formaldehyde-Free, Sustainable Building Materials
  • Fresh Air Exchange utilizing advanced air filtration technologies
  • Building Spaces That Harmonize and Flow with Nature

Our Comprehensive Approach:

Advanced holistic building techniques are applied to every aspect of construction to create a “Sanctuary” living environment. All aspects and building components are interwoven throughout, creating homes and components that exceed Leed Platinum standards, delivering unparalleled performance.

Proven Specifications Applied with Excellence:

Each step of the build process ensures the highest standards of excellence. Our designs are sourced with proven, cutting-edge science and technological systems that promote an enhanced, optimal living environment. These specifications are backed by proven health-based research. Sanctuary offers non-toxic, sustainable, green building materials. SENERGY360 utilizes in-depth building biology practices and protocols to ensure our healthy building environments meet and exceed standards.

SENERGY360 Healthy Home Certification:

Comprehensive Auditing and Certification Process. Each home is audited through all phases of construction with onsite visual and data analysis, utilizing field testing equipment:

  • Proven Building Biology Principles
  • Safe EMF protocol Inspections
  • Onsite Visual inspections including field equipment testing
  • Lighting Quality Testing, for low EMF, Circadian lighting spectrum and flicker free tuning  
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing
  • Inspection of ventilation and climate control systems
  • Mold Testing to ensure a mold-free environment
  • Water Quality Testing

Our Certification Processes include:

  1. Project Scope Review: Ensuring optimized environments and meeting material specifications that align with our healthy home criteria.

  2. Construction Phase Monitoring: Periodic site visits at all phases with owners and contractors.

  3. Inspections: Covering electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural framing, building envelope penetrations, finish details for door/window installations.

  4. Final Inspection and Analysis:

    • Onsite final home inspection
    • IAQ Air Quality Report
    • EMF-Free Certification
    • Water System Testing
    • Mechanical System review and inspection 
    • Air and Mold Sample Collection and Analysis

Upon successful completion, our homes receive a detailed report verifying that all materials and installations meet SENERGY360 Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations

Each Home receives a Certification Plaque:

Awarded the SENERGY360 Healthy Home Certification, symbolizing a commitment to health and sustainability.

Homeowner’s Manual:

Provided with a customized Homeowner’s Manual to help maintain a clean, safe, and healthy home that supports our customers health, providing generations of optimal and vibrant living space.

What’s Included in the Manual:

  • How to Care for the Home
  • Itemized Routine Inspections
  • Warranty Guidelines
  • System Operation Instructions
  • Contact Information for Systems and Technology
  • Routine Servicing Schedule for Mechanical Equipment
  • Explanation of Required Services
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning & Pest Control Protocols

Choose Sanctuary living with SENERGY360 for a healthier, sustainable, and vibrant home living experience.

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