What are cleaning recommendations to keep the home safe?

Invest in a true HEPA (MERV16) vacuum system for the home. If possible consider a centralized whole house vacuum system that’s properly vented outside and above the roofline. Vacuum daily to keep dust particles from building up. Mold spores, allergens, mites, biocides, and fungicides attach to dust particles potentially leading to symptomatic illnesses on many levels. A clean environment helps reduce the exposure. Sometimes mold isn’t as obvious if we cannot see it, however it can still be present in dust. 

Additionally after a thorough vacuuming it’s important to wipe down all surfaces preferably with microfiber cloths, applicators or swiffers. They have micro hooks that grab onto dust particles. Use a light spray of a non-toxic cleaning solution to help bond all particles. These types of cleanings should be performed as often as needed to ensure a clean environment, preferably at least once weekly. Note: Non-porous, hard surface building materials make cleaning easier and more effective. For example, carpet holds the most dust collection because it’s almost impossible to clean effectively. There are additional specific cleaning protocols used for post remediation work, commissioning of a new home, after renovations or any form of construction, to ensure buildings are free from any mold or toxins. We use this same protocol for individuals that are highly sensitive. This protocol is explained under our consultancy.