What are some of the biggest challenges that people have when working on creating a healthy home?

Throughout the years, I’ve navigated numerous challenges, particularly in constructing non-toxic and especially mold-free, healthy homes. In response, I’ve developed a comprehensive Healthy Home Building Certification Program. As a designer and builder committed to creating health-conscious living spaces, I’ve established this program, aiming for excellence in healthy home construction and certification. 

One of the most significant challenges I’ve personally faced is the prevalent overall poor design of homes today. I mostly find this with the mechanicals such as poor ventilation, inadequate air filtration, as well as the lack of knowledge and understanding when contractors opt for inexpensive toxic products that outgas. Also a major red flag is homes that are mass produced. The builders use the cheapest materials, hire under-skilled labor who lack supervision and this greatly affects the final outcome. There’s no attention to detail and the homes are built to pass local code inspections and have no considerations for health.