When remodeling, what are the primary things to focus on?

Begin by communicating your non-toxic, healthy environment goals with trades involved in the remodel. Conduct thorough research on all materials to be used, prioritizing non-toxic options. Pay special attention to the structural aspects of the remodel, ensuring it is built for optimal performance. Ensure the roof is in good condition, plenty of good water drainage, away from roof and windows. Use gutters and downspouts that carry water to proper drain techniques. Make sure windows are installed with good flashing techniques and have proper overhangs for protection. Inside upgrade plumbing everywhere possible with good quality fittings, valves, supply lines, ensure there are NO LEAKS. Use natural products everywhere possible, to include insulation, drywall and paints. Opt for lighting that is non-EMF and features appropriate kelvin and frequencies to support circadian rhythms and enhance sleep. Use cabinetry that’s carb 2 compliant ultra low-VOC, no chemicals or formaldehyde. Hire SENERGY360 or a building biologist to perform an EMF assessment to ensure no wiring errors and check for high AC magnetic fields. Hardwire all internet and technologies used in the home. Explore the use of non-porous hard surfaces that are easy to clean, avoiding carpet altogether. For more guidance on building or remodeling your home with the highest standards of healthy practices, consult with SENERGY360.