EMF Solutions for Electrical Wiring: MC Cabling vs Romex with Shielded Coatings

When it comes to electrical wiring, here are some differences between MC cabling and Romex, combined with shielded coatings. These can significantly impact your home’s electromagnetic environment. MC cabling would be my top pick as it eliminates AC magnetic fields, the number one concern in a home.

MC Cabling:

  1. Reduces electrical fields
  2. Eliminates electromagnetic fields
  3. Suppresses harmonic distortions from electronic dirty electricity (MEPs)
  4. Does not shield against RF

Romex Wiring with Graphite Shielded Coatings:

  1. Reduces electrical fields
  2. Shields against RF
  3. Does not suppress MEPs

The decision between MC cabling and Romex with shielded coatings, carries substantial implications for your home’s electromagnetic landscape. Favoring MC cabling emerges as a clear preference, primarily due to its effective elimination of AC magnetic fields, an important consideration in household settings. While both options offer certain advantages and limitations, the decisive reduction in electrical and electromagnetic fields, along with the suppression of harmonic distortions by MC cabling, positions it as a solid solution for those prioritizing a healthier electromagnetic environment within their homes.