The electrical and magnetic fields present in our environment are some of the most notably hazardous types of electromagnetic fields. Numerous studies highlight the adverse effects on human biology resulting from constant exposure to these electromagnetic fields.

Corrections can be made within the home by addressing wiring issues and errors. Additionally, isolating power supplies from utilities entering the home can support mitigation. However, one of the biggest challenges of mitigating electromagnetic fields is our external environment. Power lines and transformers close to your home pose the greatest harm. It’s always best to build or purchase a home that has distance from these sources. It’s advisable to have a qualified EMF consultant measure and evaluate your environment. SENERGY360 offers solutions to help ensure a safe living space.

Magnetic Fields (M-Fields) originate from current flow through a conductor and can penetrate common building materials easily. Shielding them is typically challenging and costly. Sources include overhead and buried power lines, transformers, substations, motorized equipment (in operation), home wiring, and unintended electrical currents on metal water pipes or the home’s grounding system. 

Magnetic strength rises with increased current consumption and proximity to the source. Measurable M-Fields may result from wiring errors prohibited by the National Electrical Code (NEC). In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) IARC classified ELFs as a Group 2B possible carcinogen based on an elevated risk of childhood leukemia.The Karolinska Institute’s 1992 study was the largest study (n=436,503) on magnetic fields and cancer in people residing near high voltage power lines. It supports an association between magnetic fields and cancer development.

Frequent exposure to elevated Magnetic Fields (M-Fields) is often associated with reported feelings of physical fatigue or being “drained.” Additionally, health risks may include impacts on neurodegenerative diseases, induction of oxidative stress, alterations in brain function and behavior, physiological stress responses, and changes in normal immune function. The health implications of electrification might not be widely acknowledged, but safety concerns arise from wiring techniques leading to elevated Magnetic Fields (M-Fields). Recognizing these hazards, the National Electric Code (NEC) and NFPA 70 prohibit the generation of net current in building wiring.

Your electrician may be puzzled if you say you want a home free of all elevated AC Magnetic fields, but if you say you want a home free of net current in compliance with the electrical code, you are saying the same thing in language that your electrician understands. Magnetic fields are measured in milligauss (mG) using a gaussmeter, with values applicable to frequencies around 60 Hertz (Hz) in the United States and 50 Hz in Europe. The strength of the M-Field surrounding a source increases with higher current consumption. Building Biology recommends a flux density of less than 0.2mG for a sleeping area.

Understanding and addressing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is crucial for a healthier living environment. Electrical and magnetic fields, found in our surroundings, can have significant negative effects on human biology. While fixing wiring problems at home helps, the bigger challenge is external factors like power lines. Magnetic Fields (M-Fields) are tricky to shield, and they can cause fatigue and health issues. The National Electrical Code (NEC) emphasizes safety in wiring techniques. Communicating with an electrician about wanting a home free of net current simplifies the process. Using tools like gaussmeters and following Building Biology’s advice ensures a better sleep environment. SENERGY360 ensures peace of mind by providing solutions for EMF shielding and healthier living spaces.