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Our Mission

Brian Johnson, the visionary CEO of Senergy360, is at the forefront of redefining healthy living by constructing homes that embody holistic principles for today's evolving world incorporating modern cutting edge technologies using proven practices for multigenerational homes. With over two decades of experience as a licensed general contractor and a solid background in the lumber industry, Brian's expertise is unparalleled. His commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by his triple certifications from the Building Biology Institute, a testament to his dedication to health, performance, wellness, and longevity. Under Brian's leadership, SENERGY360 is on a mission to democratize access to advanced technologies and systems for creating holistic living spaces. The firm offers top-tier services, including healthy home building and land development, environmental assessments, healthy home specifications and project management for all types of construction , serving clients across the United States and internationally.

Our mission is steadfast: to revolutionize the construction industry
by integrating principles of Building Biology into every project, ensuring that each
structure not only stands the test of time but also promotes the well-being of its inhabitants.
Our Founder

Brian Johnson, Founder of SENERGY360, is a licensed General Contractor, Healthy Home Builder, and Building Biologist with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

Brian started his career in the lumber industry as a certified lumber grader, where he learned the ins and outs of the use of
lumber for building. He quickly learned about lumber’s susceptibility to mold growth during transportation and storage. This sparked his interest in healthier home construction and served as the catalyst for the creation of SENERGY360. And today, he is the only General Contractor in the country to hold a triple certification from the Building Biology Institute, a testament to his dedication to creating healthy and sustainable living environments.

Since 2003, Brian has been a trailblazer in the construction field, specializing in mass wall construction techniques. His passion for building performance stems from his lifelong commitment to health,
athletic performance, and wellness. As an elite top 1% All-World Athlete, Brian understands the importance of optimizing both physical and environmental factors for peak performance.

Acutely aware of the impact the living space has on one’s health, Brian prioritizes building using modern technology to mimic a natural environment indoors while safeguarding residents from adverse outdoor elements, be they natural or manmade. His holistic approach to construction integrates natural lighting, indoor air and ventilation, advanced water filtration systems and the use of non-toxic building materials. His homes are meticulously designed to be breathable and to withstand
adverse weather conditions, shielding from electro smog, minimizing noise pollution, while also providing superior insulation, and mold resistance inherent in mass wall construction.

A visionary in the industry, Brian is redefining the building industry using mass wall construction, with structures designed to last for generations. His commitment to sustainability and human health sets him apart in the world of construction, where he continues to innovate and inspire others to prioritize performance, health, and wellness in building design.

Brian is committed to seeing Holistic Homes become the new standard in building the future.

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General Contracting

With licenses in Arizona and California, SENERGY360 delivers excellence in general contracting. We manage every aspect of construction with precision, ensuring that each project exceeds client expectations and industry standards.

General Contracting
Healthy Protocols and Material Recommendations (HPMR) Project Management

Our project management services are a testament to our commitment to seamless execution and delivery. We provide expert guidance throughout the lifecycle of construction projects, from inception to completion.

Project Management
Concierge Consulting Services

Whether you're seeking advice on specific aspects of your project, need assistance in decision-making, or want personalized insights, this consulting arrangement allows you to engage with our team on an hourly basis.

With this service, you can schedule consultation hours as needed throughout the duration of your project.

Concierge Consulting