Ultimately, it really is about picking your battles. It’s a matter of finding someone or a company that makes you feel safe and heard. Every builder emphasizes different aspects of health, so aligning with someone who understands and supports your specific needs is crucial. Again, this is why I created my company. You will certainly find companies that can and will build with one or two, maybe three facets of a healthy home. But, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other company that will look at the home holistically and capture every facet of what it truly means to build a healthy home. For instance, they may understand EMF’s, non-toxic furniture and water filtration, but they miss the actual land and environment or the ventilation and air exchange. They may use non-toxic flooring but use toxic glue and adhesives. So it becomes a matter of prioritizing the most important factors for YOU. Also, we can partner with your conventional builder, contractor and/or architect, to guide and advise them.

Anything that is manufactured will have some form of chemical used in processing. The goal is to source the least chemically produced, or unprocessed items. Similar to food, you read the ingredients and decide if that’s what you want to expose yourself to. Are the elements safe for me? Sometimes it’s very individual, where you might react but someone else would not. SENERGY360 uses testing methods that will analyze the over 800 different chemicals utilized in the construction process.

Building codes are focused on physical safety and liability. They don’t affect healthy home building. In fact, everything we use meets and exceeds building code safety regulations. 

Ahh, the neighbors. We can’t control other people, can we? No. But we can control our own homes and our own environments. That’s why I create homes that protect you from the outside environment. We control your building envelope. So if someone opts to put a 5G tower on their roof, we build your home to protect you from the cellular frequencies. If someone is using Spring Fresh dryer sheets and the whole neighborhood reeks of fragrance, no worries, we build a fool proof internal air filtration system. We build homes to protect you from toxic exposures at every level. We worry, so you don’t have to!

Beyond remediation, invest in a HEPA vacuum to clean, and non-toxic cleaners to wipe down every square foot of the environment frequently, preferably daily. Have a portable HEPA air filtration unit, at minimum and ensure proper ventilation and air exchange with outside air that is filtered well.  

Yes, we focus on using building systems that are breathable and that help absorb humidity and release in cycles. We also focus on ventilation and climate control systems that acclimate the ecosystem within the envelope. So whether the home is on the beach, in the rainforest or in the desert, we control the internal climate and shield it from external factors. 

Insufficient ventilation and the release of hydrostatic vapor from saturated soil can occur when the ground is covered by a building structure. Moisture tends to seep beneath the structure, releasing vapor. Utilizing proper ventilation techniques for basements and crawl spaces is essential to prevent this from happening. 

I recommend using any non-porous, hard surface that is labeled non-toxic and easy to clean. Suitable examples include engineered wood, certain natural stone, and porcelain tile. Be sure that all the materials used to install it are non-toxic as well, i.e., glues, adhesives, sealants, thinsets and any bonding agents. 

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